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Tech Tips for Writers #124: What the Heck Does ‘Print Screen’ Do?

I’m reblogging this great post from Jacqui. Loads of useful information. Thanks Jacqui.
Dorne x


Tech Tips for Writers is an occasional post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.

Q: I push ‘PrintScreen’ (or PrtScn) and nothing happens.

I have to teach this as a full-blown lesson in my classes because it is so counter-intuitive.

  • When you push PrintScreen, it saves a copy of your screen to the clipboard. Now, you must tell the computer where to put it.
  • For example, open MS Word and a new document. Paste (using Ctrl+V or right click+paste or the icon on the toolbar–or Edit-paste) and a copy of your screen will appear as a picture.

It can be pasted into docs, emails, cards, wherever you’d like.  Just don’t forget to paste it!

If you’re looking for more than a snapshot…

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Are we really existing in a matrix? And would you take the red, or blue pill?


Saved by Gina Freeze Tillmann
Saved by Gina Freeze Tillmann

Remember this mind-boggling scene from the movie The Matrix?


Now read and watch these clips.

Still with me? Thanks for reading and watching. Mind-blowing stuff hey?

Now tell me, would you take the red pill, or the blue pill?

Me? I would take the blue pill. Why would I want to wake up to a terrible nightmare that I had little influence over?

If the world as we know it is all but a dream then I say dream on! It’s a hell of a dream, even with all of the grimy and nasty bits thrown in.

This story could, of course, be very controversial and will no doubt set the theologists and scientists at loggerheads: but then what’s new?

I think that religions and science all provide some of the BIG answers as to why and how we came to be here. But, something has to put that first building block into place and that will be argued…until it’s game over.

Now, courtesy of Auntie Beeb ( British Broadcasting Corporation ) could we all actually be the ultimate gamers?

Step away from that X-box and other gaming consoles and look around you.

At the very least there’s another film script or novel idea in there.

Again…would you take the red, or blue pill?

Thanks for reading/watching.

Dorne x

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I gave birth to a blog baby: it’s become a teenager!


Blog baby
Blog baby

Back in March of 2014, I got a bit tipsy one night and decided to start a blog. In the early hours of a Sunday morning I hit the publish button on my first post. (Click on here if you want to see that first virginal post.)  I then went to bed and had nightmares about giant blog babies chasing me and people I knew laughing in my face. ( Hey, that happens a lot anyhow…so no change there.)

In the cold and sober light of the morning I gradually came to terms with my rash actions of the night before. What was done, was done. A bit like Brexit means Brexit! Only no one knows what the hell Brexit means, do they? The UK has done something that has never been done before and we’re flailing around in a sea of treacle. A bit like me and my blog really. (Click on Brexit if you want to be totally confused, depressed, resigned, a bit jittery, uncertain or whatever! ) It looks like London is doing well as a city, regardless of Brexit. Oh good! Those of us in the north of the UK presumably don’t count. It’s grim up here tha knows and that’s ow we love it! But, don’t get me started on that.

I likened the birth of my blog to that of giving birth to a baby. We girlies know all about the joy of that and the boysies know what it’s like to live with the expectant mum and then be presented with a bundle of new love – oozing poo, baby sick and wee. You may even be expected to feed it as well.

Pity my poor hubby as he lived with me, through the gestation period and then he witnessed me give birth to what can sometimes be something of a monster.

We bloggers bring these things alive and then they make their demands upon us. Our blog needs to be fed, nurtured and it wants to go out with its friends. It doesn’t care that we’re tired, have a migraine, ache all over, can’t think straight or need to clean the toilet. It wants our attention…AND NOW!

My blog baby has  become a teenager.

  • It has been known to get stroppy.
  • It talks immature rubbish.
  • It has had crushes…usually on folk that wear kilts. ( Jamie in Outlander would not have been at all safe a couple of years ago.) Although that could also be a mid-life crisis? Depressed about thunder – thighs and all that! Kilted men are safe now…the meds are working very well.
  • Saved by Vee
    Saved by Vee
  • It has had bad-tempered rants.
  • Used bad language.
  • Has done posts…being embarrassed by them and promptly removed them.
  • Its bedroom is one hell of a mess. ( You see, there is no need for that sort of language!)
  • And it stays in bed too long. So what?
  • In short it needs to get with it.
Article from Wattpad
Article from Wattpad

As some of you will know, I am in the process of getting this blog together. I can’t invite would be editors round to this place at the moment. They’d laugh in my face…again!

There are somewhere in the region of 400-500 posts in the intestines of this blog, on my last reckoning. And I’ve already trashed a lot of them. That’s how messy this teenager has become.

Saved from
Saved from

How did that happen? My poor grasshopper brain doesn’t do filing and tidy drawers very well.

Now, you’re probably thinking what kind of house do I live in, if I can’t keep my blog in order? The house is tidy…my drawers are not. I can’t keep a drawer, cupboard, wardrobe tidy to save my life. You would not want to rummage through my drawers…there’s some sort of smutty joke in there and the younger, more unruly version of this blog would have probably carried through on that threat. Not so now…we have matured slightly.

Going back to my somewhat inability to be terribly organised, some folk get high on tidy and organised. I save pins of neat and tidy on Pinterest…and then am unable to make it work. (Click on here to go to my Pinterest pages.)

In short, I am one of life’s muddlers. Not happy and remotely functional unless I have at least five things on the go at once. Somehow, they all get juggled and done. It’s the same with reading…several books at the same time and writing. I think it’s healthy to write different things at once. The same thing would bore me and would probably get abandoned. Leave it for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes and you might just have yourself a kind of decent first draft/chapter/article/ poem etc.

So, I have no one to blame but myself for the fact that I have given birth to a rather unruly and messy blog, which has become a haphazard teenager. Be warned…when the blog reaches its older years it will wear purple!

How about you? What stage is your blog at? Do you understand Brexit, Pinterest, or how damn easy it is to press that publish button, when a bit sloshed? And I don’t even drink very much…can’t. My damn stomach won’t let me. Add that to the thunder thighs!

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x




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Nuisance phone calls: the latest batch.

Saved from
Saved from

Those damn and blasted nuisance phone callers keep calling…but, now I have a plan. Trouble is, since I drew up my plan the nuisances have become ever so polite and all too human.

They’re so sorry to bother me and is now a good time?

Would I be kind enough to complete a quick survey for the government?  (Excuse me whilst I choke back the tears and hysterical laughter.) No can do? Not a problem thank you for being so kind as to answer your phone.

Honestly, if I didn’t know better I’d say that they’d been tapping my phone line and have got wind of my evil plans to fight back. ( If they’ve been tapping my phone line they will have heard far, far worse than that. I hope they have been tapping my phone line…it serves them damn well right.)

Anyhow, my script…yes you read that right, has gone unread. The phone rings, my heart races and I practically break my neck to get to the phone first, to answer. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT! An all too human, human being is on the other end of the line, being nice. They’re still on my phone, but, they’re being nice and I can’t be a nuisance to that kind of niceness. That would make me the villain of the piece…right?

I did have one SB ( scum bag/ swine bag/ son of a bitch!) though, who claimed to be from Microsoft.

” Maam, I’m calling you to tell you that your computer has being hacked.”

Nice, I thought and you lying little SB.

” I can rectify this for you,” he continued.

” Just who are you? ” I demanded.

“Maam, you have been hacked, but I can make it alright.”

Just like putting band-aid on a poorly knee! Of course the knee wasn’t poorly before they tried to hurt it …WAS IT!

“Just how do you know I’ve been hacked?!”

“You have,” he said.

“How do I know you’re from Microsoft? You could be anyone.”

“Maam, if you open up your computer and follow the details I give you, you will see.”

Yeah, I bet I would have!

Saved from
Saved from

This went of for about five minutes and then another SB, purporting to be the first SB’s supervisor came on the line.

“Maam, you need to give my colleague your details and let him sort out your computer, by remote control. You’ve been HACKED! ”

This deceitful attempt to ruin my computer only came to an abrupt end when the two SB’s  were asked for a telephone number, so I could ring them back. Guess what? The line suddenly went dead.

Saved by Hugon
Saved by Hugon

But, what if someone out there had believed this despicable charade? These major SB’s could have gained access to someone’s computer to actually hack it.

Just what the hell is wrong with these people? Surely they can find some form of work that doesn’t involve fraud, dishonesty and basically being a despicable person? How do they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? Cleaning toilets would be better than that crap! There…they’ve made me swear.

Needless to say I reported them. I won’t include the link, in case it is a fake site. I’m probably being watched by Men In Black now.

But, I’m a hopeful little soul and know it is only a matter of time before another SB rings me and I’m still hoping to be a snake whisperer, on stilts. I will be asking them a few questions of my own and sharing a few thoughts/secrets…including:

  • Can you describe yourself to me?
  • Do you love me?
  • Will you read me a story ?
  • Do you believe the Earth is round?
  • Last night I was abducted by aliens.
  • Can I sing to you?
  • I’m wearing my granny pants today.
  • Where am I?

Oh, the world is my oyster with the many things I can say to these blasted pests.

So, why not join me in my quest to give back as good as you get with these damn nuisances? Feel free to join in and let’s make their day that bit more interesting and memorable. (Like the ones you’d rather forget.)

Saved from
Saved from

They deserve everything they get.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x




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Greyhounds and muddy boots: the Daisy dog continued.

cartoon Daisy for headerThe Daisy dog has been with us for seven months… how time flies. Up to now, I  haven’t talked about her much on here and as yet she has shown no interest in blogging herself. ( Such as our previous greyhound, Misty did.)

The new improved Write Dorne will include a link to The Greyhound Posting posts. I’m not much improved yet and so this is being published without the link thingy. You know how you want everything to be just perfect and it all to work? Well life isn’t like that, is it? Just of lately there have been a few very big spanners thrown into the works and I’ve had to adapt.

I could wait and wait…and wait some more until this perfection thing is achieved. But then, life rolls on and if we wait until we’re ready – we never do it.

So, this post comes to you a little wanting…but, more or less there.

Back to the Daisy dog!

We seem to be making good progress with her training and then sometimes, as with a child, it all goes pear-shaped. You know how it is? You think you’ve cracked it and then there’s a little accident and a bit of naughtiness…and the Daisy dog also plays up as well, sometimes.

Daisy is four years old now, so a bit like a teenager. One that won’t come out of her bedroom , is quite mouthy and won’t always do as she is told. And don’t even get me started on the unmade bed.

Every dog is different and it’s no different with greyhounds. As a breed they are easy-going and gentle, but, they do each have their own little idiosyncrasies.

The daisy dog 1

As I write this, our slightly larger than average for a greyhound bitch (oh, isn’t she like a tiger) dog is subjecting one of her favourite toys to a good thrashing, in our bedroom. When listened to from downstairs , it sounds like the ceiling is about to cave in, or that we’re having an earthquake, such is the force of the lunges and charging around.

There’s a lot of power residing in our loveable pet, as I found out to my detriment, the other night. I foolishly got involved in a game of I’m going to get your teddy, oh yes I am! Only I didn’t, because as I bent over to get teddy, the Daisy dog grabbed it and at that precise moment rammed her head right up into my forehead. Ouch! Yes….there was a loud thud as two skulls made contact and an usual quiet descended on the room.

The pain and formation of the bruise and swelling of my forehead was immediate. I examined the Daisy dog and she loved it… oooh- a head massage, again mummy, please! She seems to be just fine.

So, I now have an even healthier respect of her powerful form and I keep my head well out-of-the-way, during our rough and tumble sessions.

Daisy asleep 1

Daisy is coming along fine with her training, although the recall needs to be worked on. We call her and she has a good long think about it and then just carries on with her more interesting dog stuff. But, then there’s food.

Food helps…doesn’t it with all dogs? When I’m out with the Daisy dog I have an unusual aroma of either cheese, beef, sausages or bacon. I use tiny pieces of meat to get her attention and for training. All goes well…unless I need to shake hands and then I have to explain why I can’t. A greasy, beefy hand. Most folk get it and the ones that don’t…well, they haven’t lived, nor trained a delinquent teenager of a dog!

My daughter is giving me quite a few useful pointers with the Daisy dog. She has successfully trained quite a few dogs and is one of those folk that have a natural connection with dogs. They are drawn to her – and the beef!

I’m hoping that one day we will have perfected the recall, if the Daisy dog has decided to take part in it. There’s a totally enclosed paddock, near to where we live. If she can be trusted she’ll go off the lead, preferably with some other greyhound friends. No doubt they will all do an imaginary anti clockwise circuit of the field. Which, is rather fabulous to watch. And if I get my act together I will film it and stick it on here.

Daisy blog pic

Don’t hold your breath though…she will have to learn to come when called first. We may be some way off that at present.

But, greyhounds don’t need to be let off the lead. Some folk have this idea that it’s cruel to not let a dog off the lead for a run. Well, which is the cruellest, a dog safe on the lead, or a lost/dead dog? Greyhounds cover a lot of ground in very little time. No one can catch them, but, if your hound is receptive to returning to you…for a titbit, then you may be able to let them off. However personally, I would never let Daisy off in an open area. I just know that a  rabbit or hare would make an appearance and cock it all up.

So, life with the Daisy dog is fun, fascinating and fabulous.

As for the separation anxiety when we leave her home alone? We think we’re finally getting there. We get our coats on and then don’t go out. Then we take them off and go out. The plan is to totally confuse her and then she’ll just give in and chill out. It’s easier in the summer months…we can just shoot off through the door, with very little messing around. The winter months are a dead give away that we are LEAVING her home alone, as we try to sneakily get kitted out like  Eskimos (it’s grim up north!). Try sitting for any length of time in a thermal coat with the central heating on, attempting to be chilled and the resulting heat stroke is a bit of a give away that this is not the usual routine. Dogs aren’t stupid..

But, we don’t give in easily and our new member of the family is being gently allowed to adapt to her new life as our much-loved family pet. And needless to say we would never leave her home alone for hours on end.

All things considered it’s quite a big ask when she has being surrounded by people and dogs all of her life. And now she has to live with a rather suspect vacuum cleaner!

I’ll let you know how we get on.

Here’s a tip.

If you have a dog that bolts its food and then positions itself in the middle of the lounge rug, to bring it all back up again – try this.

Daisy eating

Place a ball in with the food. We use quite a big one, as you will note. This slows down the eating, as they move the ball around to get to the food.

Result: your rug/floor is safe and your pooch remains fed.

That’s it for now. It’s back to blog admin and working out how to get things where they should be, for me.

Thanks for reading.

Dorne x

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Tawny owls and precious memories: for my late grandad.

Saved from
Saved from

Thirty four years ago today, 17 August, 1982 my beloved grandad passed away from cancer. He’d been given the cruel news just six weeks before and a once vibrant, active and devoted family man was snatched away…just like that.

This post is not going to be a morbid account of life with terminal cancer, as experienced in the less medically advanced 1980s. I want to pay tribute to a man who featured prominently in my younger life, but was also part of my first real memory; when I was aged around two years.

I can recall a walk along the side of a house, that I now know was the bungalow of where my grandparents lived at that time. Whether or not I understood the garage, at the end of the drive I can’t really say. But, I do recall two eyes at the far end of it, gradually getting brighter, as grandad had opened the door.

Grandad had rescued  a tawny owl that was injured. He’d taken advice from various experts and was nursing Joey, as he had been named, back to health. I seem to remember Joey sitting on a perch of some sort. One again, how much of that is my two-year old memory intermingled with my older knowledge who can say.

Saved from
Saved from

I can’t remember whether grandad crouched down to my two-year old self, or maybe I was lifted up to him and Joey. And whether it is my older self that can vividly recall the smooth and almost silky, mottled feathers of this wonderful creature, I guess I’ll never know. I haven’t stroked an owl since. But, I do seem to have some sort of recollection where I stroked Joey and I remember his stunning, piercing eyes looking at me.

Grandad and Joey.
Grandad and Joey.

Eventually Joey recovered, grandad released him back into the wild and I grew up.

Over the years I came to discover just how much my big-hearted grandad had loved that beautiful bird, and how difficult it had been for him to do the right thing and give Joey his freedom again.

My love affair with owls had begun and I have spent my lifetime looking for them; and being thrilled by them ever since.

Whether it was daring myself to go through dark graveyards, in my youth, to hear the owls calling to each other ( they’re always in graveyards…right? ) or just out walking at night-time, I have had several close encounters with many owls.

05102014 193006 moon c

On more than one occasion I have felt the sudden draft of wings directly above me and glimpsed the dark silhouette   rise into the sky, as I’ve walked my dog up the lane, at night. I like to romanticize that it’s my grandad saying hello. Others might offer up some suggestion that the owl is actually checking my dog and I out. Either way, the owls are most welcome.

I understand the twit twoo is actually the male and female calling to each other. She calls him a twit and he asks twho. Nature has a beautiful way of sorting out the battle of the sexes, I think.

And it isn’t just tawny owls that call to each other in the area where I live.

We moved into our current home in the long, hot summer of 2006. The windows were thrown wide open and remained like that for about a month. One warm evening I leaned out of the front, upper window as a barn owl flew from the sycamore tree opposite us, across and over the window I was leaning out of. It’s beautiful heart-shaped face and eyes remain etched in my memory. And what a welcome to the area we now call home. ( More on the wildlife in our area in future posts.)

Saved from
Saved from

Barn owls make many strange noises and they hiss at each other. Click on the link below to watch a short film about barn owls and other lovely creatures, which was featured on Springwatch, a BBC wildlife series, some years ago.


Late on a winter’s afternoon a white, ghostly bird can often be spotted circling the paddock, opposite our cottage. One afternoon my daughter and grandson were visiting and they were also treated to the beautiful display, as a lone barn owl hunted its tea.

Perhaps one day, my grandson will recall this as being one of his earliest memories?

As for me…today my lovely grandad is flying Joey in a beautiful sunlit meadow somewhere.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x










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Under construction: a blog overhaul.

Saved from
Saved from

Some of us ( er, that will be me) did not totally embrace the internet and social media thing as readily as others. I took my time and eventually dipped my toe into the waters of Twitter and Facebook…I still don’t really get them. I prefer Twitter and I don’t know why.

I am on Google + whatever that is and I may even be somewhere on Bloglovin, but god knows where.

And then I started a blog – Write Dorne. One evening I stayed up rather late (until at least 9 pm), got rather sloshed on Earl Grey tea and realised that when I had been experimenting with blogs about a year or so earlier, I had actually left the original one live…and folk had visited and liked. So Dorne Whale: My Inner Child was reinvented.

The sensible thing would have been to thank folk, put up a link to Write Dorne and invite them to pop over to there.

But, since when was I ever sensible?  My motto in life is to make a mountain out of a molehill. Nay… to make a crisis out of nothing. Be a drama queen.

You get my point?

Well, I have come to a decision. Here goes…

I have to move with the times and get more with it.

Saved from
Saved from

I have two rather chaotic blogs.

saved from pinterest
saved from pinterest

Write Dorne is about to go through a HUGE transformation. If I can just figure out how!

This will involve  sorting out the all over the place categories, posts and pages and trashing quite a lot of my previous mush. A bit like having a wardrobe clear out…with blog posts.

All six posts that will remain on here will be well-loved and worn!

And Inner Child my sister blog will be given a new home on here. I initially separated the two because Inner Child leans more towards the  arty farty things in life. Well, I can do that on here as well. ( I haven’t got to that page yet, but I’m getting there.) I can be arty farty pretty much anywhere.


This HUGE transformation and revamp of Write Dorne will not be an overnight thing.

In fact, I should imagine it will drag on for several months…if not years.

Article from
Article from

So, if you turn up on here and it looks like the builders are in…they are.


Photo credit:
Photo credit:

And we all know that things like that don’t always go according to plan.

I’ll thank you for your patience in advance and hopefully at the end of it all Write Dorne will make a bit more sense…or maybe not.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x


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Pigeon Uses Slipstreams to Race Cars on the Highway at 100 km/h — TwistedSifter

A racing pigeon in The Netherlands uses vehicle slipstreams on the highway to race home. The pigeon flew over 20 km, reaching top speeds of 100 km/h.

via Pigeon Uses Slipstreams to Race Cars on the Highway at 100 km/h — TwistedSifter

I had to reblog  this as I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could barely watch as this clever little thing swerved and dodged its way through the fast moving traffic.

Thanks to TwistedSifter for sharing.

And thanks to you for dropping by.

Dorne x

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Five Blog Posts I Recommend You Read This Weekend

Bless ya Hugh and I’m reblogging so you can read these other great posts. Also Hugh’s blog is great …so follow, if you don’t already. x

Hugh's Views & News

There have been a number of Blog posts I’ve wanted to reblog this week but, instead of that, I thought I’d put them all into one post where you can click on the links and read at your leisure.

First up is Judith Barrow, who is one of the organisers of the upcoming Tenby Book Fair. I’ll be visiting the book fair on 24th September and have also entered one of the writing competitions on offer. In this post, Judith gives details of the events taking place on the day.

Tenby Book Fair: 24th September 2016

Jo Robinson published a  brilliant post, over on Lit World Interviews, about dealing with rotten book reviews and terrible Trolls. Anybody who has an online presence (yes, that includes all us bloggers) should read this.

Rotten Reviews and Terrible Trolls

JP, over at My Husband & I, had me in stitches with his latest post…

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